The Caribbean Examinations Council® (CXC®) provides valid and reliable examinations and certificates of international repute for students of all ages, abilities and interests. However, we understand that at times, candidates may have questions about the grades they received.

Candidates who have questions about an Absent or Ungraded result, can submit a Query. If there is a question about a grade and the candidate wishes to have a script re-examined, they may submit a request for a Review.

Candidates may download/print the form and complete it before coming to the Ministry.  It must be brought physically into the Ministry for submission and processing.  Note that the Query Forms are also available at the Examinations Desk, CSR on the Ground Floor of the MoE.

Education Towers
No. 5 St. Vincent Street,
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.
Contact: (868) 622-2181

Candidates wishing to query their January 2023 CSEC results must do so on or before 21st April 2023.  Requests for reviews will not be accepted after this date.

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Query Review Form 2023